tile people

Everybody has sometimes seen shapes in the clouds. The project Tile People is something like that, finding shapes in the things that surround us.

It all started in our bathroom. Since we moved into our flat there were figures in the floor tiles shouting out to me as if they wanted to be liberated. One day I started drawing them. The drawings turned into paintings and then into digital illustrations. Tile People mostly appear in tiles on floors or walls. First you sense the outlines and decide which one you want to set free (usually there are more than one in a tile), but the colouring is what makes them come alive.

Presenting some of the Tile People:

The digital drawings

High quality art prints in different sizes, each one with its own personal story behind it.


When she comes back she’s already gone again. So many places to see!

Pea Princess

Her nose is so sensitive she can smell the perfume of the gods.

Weather Girl

She loves her city, wind and weather don’t bother her. She would never change it for a place in the sun!

Sad Ted

He’s carrying the whole world’s sadness on his tiny shoulders.

Duck Luck

If you’re a duck north of the polar circle you’re lucky to be found.


You never know what he’s up to. Your best friend or your enemy?

The Paintings

Each one an original, painted in acrylic on canvas, 20 x 40 cm.

Mister Lämpel, teacher

He is a very nice person, maybe a little excentric. At first glance he seems quite dry but believe me, he knows how to party!


He comes from another age and is still trying to figure out what he’s doing here…

Sonny and Rico

On an undercover mission on drug traffic in Siberia you can’t complain about the cold. That would give you away as a Westener immediately… Cover up in every sense.

Harold and Maude

They met at a funeral a couple of years ago and haven’t separated more than an hour since. They love to spend the night dancing to a Cat Stevens song.

Tatooine Man

This stranger came by one day. He seems to have a lot of things to sort out, but not on this planet.

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