Ceramic is art

A way to eat – Tableware art

We connect and evolve through communication. But circumstances are changing, we are getting used to replace the person in front of us for a machine, infinite distraction instead of real conversation.
The project A Way to Eat is an attempt to connect again. It’s a garden path converted into tableware. Sharing a meal becomes a walk from one person to another, connected by the objects on the table. We go and explore the garden, come to crossroads, take some detours, discover new places and maybe go back to where we started – just like a good conversation.

Award Ceramic Product Design Ciudad de Manises at the XIV International Ceramic Biennial in Manises, Spain.

Everything is connected – Art installation

Our back is the result of our life, physically and metaphorically speaking. Our habits, how we nurse our body, our fears – over the years all of this is reflected in our back. It’s a strong part of our body yet fragile and it’s connected with everything, from the legs to the brain, from the way we move in this world to the way we think about it. Any problem that burns in our mind can shake us to the core.

The installation represents the spinal column with its vertebras, the spinal disks and the nerves passing through.

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